Artwork: A Minoan Offering

The art of the ancient Minoan civilization has long held a deep fascination for me and so I present my latest artwork ‘A Minoan Offering‘, 91 x 91 cms, created using mixed media on wood with pyrograph, featuring a characteristic Minoan woman making a symbolic offering to the horse.

minoan offering-0406

This is actually the first time I decided to finish my painting with oils over acrylics. I love the finish and the intensity of the colours but it did take a long time to dry, and because I finish my work with a cassia wash to fill the relief surface created by the pyrograph and paste I had to wait a considerable time to apply.

minoan offering-0401

I’ve noticed that oils take much less time to dry on canvas than on this prepped wood surface, which can be an issue when wanting to get work out fast. Perhaps next time I will only finish certain details with oils rather than the whole painting. I will still have to give it the same amount of time to dry though….ho-hum….decisions, decisions…

minoan offering-0399

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