I painted my ceramic owl

Yup! That’s all that needs to be said! How do I know/decide how/what to paint them? Well, I often don’t know at first, so when I’m in dilemma as to how to decorate them I like to let my ceramic objects sit in front of me for a while, sometimes weeks, while I get on with other things.

In this way I let them talk to me, whispering in my subconscious ear what they want me to do with them. Sometimes they guide me to look at past art journals of mine or they might plant a seed of an idea or colour that they want me to follow. And then I know I’m ready…

Invariably, however, I will often begin in one colour, which might change as I follow what it asks me to do. Working in acrylics with these is great as I can layer the colours to my heart’s content.

If you’d like to see other ceramic animals and objects I’ve decorated hop over to my ceramics gallery and have a peek.

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