Athena’s Owl, a commissioned artwork

The Owl was a commissioned artwork for an Airbnb located in the centre of Athens. I was thrilled to receive this commission and amazed at the synchronicity of its subject matter as I had recently been sketching and exploring the idea of creating an artwork with an owl!

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A print fail and what I learnt and gained from it

A while back I ordered a couple of prints of my Golden Pelican artwork but I have to say that for the first time ever I was pretty disappointed with the outcome. The colours were duller and darker than the original. Probably a combination of my photo editing (should have made sure that it was brighter) and the paper which absorbed the inks in a particular way.

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Golden Pelican mixed media on wood artwork

I had been wanting to start painting more birds in my artwork, and my brother,George S Blonsky, who is an extremely talented professional wildlife photographer, and whose work I love, nudged me to paint one of the birds he’s most known for photographing in a place called Lake Kerkini in northern Greece, namely the Dalmatian Pelicans. I have also visited the Lake with him and fell in love with these magnificent creatures, amongst others!

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Summer Cocktail and what inspired my return to relief artwork on wood

This bold, bright and colourful artwork marks a return to my creating mixed media relief artwork on wood. Following a break of about two years, during which I researched and explored other techniques and a variety of painting skills and media I was -quite unexpectedly- inspired by some ceramic sculptural plant pots.

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