My Birthday Girl, a Watercolour Portrait of my Daughter and a process video

On my journey to learning watercolour, and while last week was my daughter’s birthday, I thought I would have a go at painting a portrait of her to surprise her, pleasantly I hope!

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21/100 Portraits: Painting Akram Khan for PAOTW

Following a short break from painting portraits I had the opportunity to take part in a truly special experience painting in the company of Christabel Blackburn, winner of Portrait Artist of the Year 2020, and all the presenters and judgementals of Portrait Artist of the Year……as well as 100s of other artists all over the world!!!

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100 Portraits Challenge: 1-17/100 Portraits

A few weeks ago my daughter encouraged me to do a 100 Art Project so on the 10th March I decided to begin a 100 Portraits Challenge using gouache as a good way to practice and develop my style with this genre and medium. This had nothing to do with the Covid19 Lockdown we’ve since been subjected to! I started the challenge purely for the reasons I will tell you immediately, and I would’ve done it anyway. Nevertheless it has kept me happily occupied during this challenging time for all of us.

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