Thank you for taking the time and interest to learn a little bit more about me!

I live in Athens, Greece where I’m lucky to have my own home studio where I spend many hours exploring, practicing and creating my artwork.

I like to paint what brings me joy. Bold colors and whimsical design elements feature a lot in my art. I am at my best when I allow myself to create intuitively, allowing my muse, so to speak, to flow through me. Moments like that are heaven. But, like many, I am always working to overcome my inner critic.

I’ve always been drawn to a creative life and my experience includes the fields of fashion, interior design, pattern and surface design and even a period where I designed websites, graphics and logos.

In 2009 I became interested in applying my designs to hand-knotted rugs, silk scarves and handcrafted cement tiles. In 2014 I was asked to participate in a group art exhibition in Athens exhibiting my relief artworks and a hand knotted rug that I had designed. This gave me the encouragement and motivation to continue following my dream of leading a more creative life.

A major phase of my artwork so far has been in applying a technique using mixed media on wood using the  pyrograph to create a unique “please touch me” relief artwork. However, I and am now enjoying exploring other media, such as gouache and watercolour to develop and enrich my skills and range of work.

In telling you a little about me I could not omit my love of photography and which has now become a wonderful tool that helps me observe our colourful world in greater detail and which I use to reference ideas and subjects for my art.

My application of colour has always been primarily intuitive, especially so when it comes to my artwork.I have a conversation with it. For me, it’s more about experiencing it.