The 100 day project and a return to blogging.

This was going to be my first blog post of 2021. But my previous post took precedence because when I was introduced to Baya Mahedienne’s artwork I was too excited not to write about it immediately! 😊

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Discovering Baya Mahieddine’s iconic art

As I write this I am grateful for friends of a kindred spirit like Leigh, especially at a time of extended isolation and where friends I thought were friends have all but slipped away. This form of imposed isolation has shone a light on what is true and important, false and unnecessary, genuine and, well, what isn’t.

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Happy Toucans Table Top

One of my favourite projects to date! This was a custom order [actually for my daughter as she was decorating her balcony in preparation for summer and she wanted something colourful to complement her tropical plants, which she is partial to. So, I decided to create a tropical-themed table top for her verandah table. This made me so happy!

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