100 portraits

Back in early March 2020 (around the 10th, I believe), and just before we went into our first Covid 19 lockdown, I began a 100 Portraits Challenge using gouache. I started the challenge purely for the following reasons:

  1. at the time I was into watching Portrait Artist of the Year 2020 -I love watching the amazing artists and what they manage to do in such a short time given them (4 hours!) and the fascinating aspect of how differently each artist translates and expresses their subject
  2. I had really been wanting to develop my skills in portraiture in order to better execute the projects I have percolating in my mind
  3. I had recently begun using gouache and wanted to develop my skills there too, both in the medium itself but also in colour and colour mixing

Since then I have added to this challenge creating portraits in other media such as acrylics, oils and even digital art! More recently, however, I have begun using watercolours, which has helped me grow even more.

There is no time schedule to this. I add as I create as I do other things too and I don’t want to stress about it too much. I did at one point and the whole challenge lost its point whereupon I stopped creating for quite a while as it became too much. But, as I mentioned, beginning to learn watercolours has helped me loosen up my style and my attitude is much more relaxed. I’m back to enjoying painting!

Pictured here are the portraits I have done to date and will post the subsequent portraits here on my blog as I complete them.

I also have a playlist of several process/timelapse videos I created that you can watch on YouTube.